The old building in upper east side finally has been bought

The old Cavallo mirrors & antiques building which has stood around in 1495 Third Avenue NYC for 10 years finally has been bought by samy Mahfar. After a decade of becoming the neighborhood’s sore eye, this building will be able to regain its glory for once more. This time, the Sma Equities Rumble signs Samy Mahfar lease, and the Rumble Fitness itself is a big company in the USA which has the excellent level of professionalism in providing its customers with the high-class fitness services. They’re planning to turn this building into a fancy and well-facilitated boxing fitness building.

This building has been purchased by samy Mahfar with SMA Equities back in September 2016. While most investors are just judging this building as an abandoned old structure, samy has seen the perfect opportunity instead. It’s true that the building is actually bringing the contrast difference with all of the other health and beauty centers in the area. However, samy doesn’t see this as a flaw of the area, instead, he saw this as the ultimate chance to make an investment. It’s obviously kinda rare for everyone to see an abandoned building that still stood strong after so many years while it’s being surrounded by the other successful businesses.

The Rumble Fitness, which is being represented by Brandon Berger plans to open this building in 2017. They’re planning to make a well-facilitated, high-class boxing fitness center for the area. They might think that the ordinary fitness center might won’t work well in this neighborhood, due to the competition can be too tight for them. There are other fitness centers that have been operated on the upper east side for years. Instead of building the standard gym, they’re excellently planning out to build this building to become a boxing gym center. This will be a new and necessary addition for this amazing neighborhood area of health and beauty centers.